• HIGH INTEGRITY.Optimum protection of metals, concrete and wood that fully cures in less than one minute.
  • PERFORMANCE.Strong adhesion, anti-corrosion, anti-mar and chemical resistance properties.
  • SPEED.Maintenance is important – faster return to service is paramount.
  • COST EFFECTIVE.In a time is money environment, speed to market matters.
  • SUSTAINABLE.No VOCs, solvents, isocyantes or chromates.
  • CAPACITY.Increase production without increasing plant size.
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high performance manufacturing
Next generation in high performance, environmentally friendly, cost effective coatings to delivering high integrity benefits to many markets.  Exceptional anti-corrosion properties as well as chemical resistance, adhesion and other high integrity mechanical properties protect coated parts from harsh elements.

custom coating solutions
New applications are restricted only by your imagination.  We know we can’t solve all coating challenges, however if you don’t ask us, we may never know.  Our newest coating for clean rooms was developed for a customer that wanted to provide their clients with fast turnaround, strong adhesion and no off-gassing. Learn more about custom Sustainable Coatings solutions by completing this form and return it to Sustainable Coatings, Ltd. at

Table of Properties

concrete and cleanrooms
Toughness provides the ultimate protection of surfaces. Speed of application and cure reduces down-time and labor costs.   Experience a reduction in down time, cure time, and labor costs.  Maintenance and upkeep of these surfaces doesn't require lengthy shut-downs.  Great for warehouses, factories, airplane hangars.

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Setting a new standard for high performance, environmentally sustainable and fast curing industrial coatings.

Sustainable Coatings, Ltd. offers ways for companies to achieve improved process efficiency, faster cure, and sustainability.   Sustainable Coatings performance, the capabilities of UV coating technologies have now been extended to the high performance, corrosion protection of steel, aluminum and cast iron in industrial applications.  You can achieve strong mechanical performance, chemical resistance and overall superior performance with a thin coat of Sustainable Coatings UV-DRI™ and a cure rate of less than one minute per square foot.  An added benefit is sustainability.  UV-DRI™ has no VOCs, and it is free of chromates, solvents, isocyanates, and other chemicals on the Toxic Release Inventory.